Line Sharing Devices

ASAP102    $ 119.00  
Command Communications Commercial-grade line sharing devices are compatible with the Telco's Distinctive Ring, Caller ID, Call Waiting, and Voice Mail.1 Telephone line, 3 device ports (2 ports are linked)
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ASAPDR401    $ 99.00  
Command Communications Command 4 Port Ring Decipher. Four-device Distinctive Ring Call Manager automatically routes incoming calls to the desired location or device, compatible with virtually all telephone products, compatible with most Telco services: Caller ID (in parallel), Voice Mail, Call Waiting, & 3-way calling, online extension protection provides privacy during calls for extension phones, convenient port assignment directory includes 7' modular telephone line cord and power supply, High Priority Toll-Free Customer Service
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ASAPTELEHUB400    $ 97.50  
Command Communications Telehub400 is a four-port device designed exclusively for outbound calls, allowing connection of up to 4 separate telecommunication devices to a single telephone line. Each device is allowed unlimited and exclusive connection time to the phone line. Any other device will receive a busy signal. This unit is designed for use with any modem. Some applications include modems requiring Internet access or E-mail capabilities, credit authorization terminals departments in a retail environments, for use in children's room or roommates.
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CS5500    $ 88.00  
CS5500 Three-port switch for dedicated single line office applications. Hook up phone, answering machine, and either a fax or modem. Distinctive ring detection if/when you add a second or third line with distinctive ring patterns. Caller ID compatible. Remote message notification
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CS7500    $ 129.00  
Command Communications, Command Fax Switch.
Four port device allows you to hook up a phone, answering machine, fax AND modem. Distinctive ring detection. Caller ID compatible. Remote message notification. Two-line compatible
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HOTCALL    $ 67.50  
Command Communications. HOTCALL HC2000 THE solution for internet users with Call Waiting that still need access to incoming calls. When your computer modem is connected to the telephone line, HotCall alerts you to an incoming call. If you want to receive the call, simply pick up the receiver and HotCall interrupts the modem connection and instantly connects you to the caller. If your call is only a few seconds long, it may be possible to maintain your modem connection.
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ACP-5    $ 229.00  
Multi-Link PolNet allows multiple divices to share one phone line eliminating the cost of extra dedicated lines. Additionally, PolNet's multi-port polling feature will access more than one device during a single call . Automatically answers the line and determines where the call should be routed by listening for programmed Security Access Codes(DTMF) or CNG tones. In the absence of tone , the call will be routed to a phone or phone system. Compatible with modems, data & credit card terminals, etc.
Should you experience trouble with any Multi-Link product, please call 800-535-4651 to obtain a Multi-Link Return Authorization prior to contacting Phone Line.
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STICK    $ 109.00  
Multi-Link STICK automatically screens and routes all voice, fax, and modem calls to the right equipment - every time! Allows up to 4 voice/data devices to share a single phone line. Compatible with virtually all phone/phone systems, fax machines/PC fax cards, internal/external modems and TDD phones. "Barge-In" protection. Three-year warranty and Factory-Direct Support & Programming!

Should you experience trouble with any Multi-Link product, please call 800-535-4651 to obtain a Multi-Link Return Authorization prior to contacting
Phone Line.
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