Panasonic Digital Phone System Pricing

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Panasonic Digital Super-Hybrid Control Units

KX-TD1232-5 1,286.00
KX-TD816-5 699.00
KX-TD308-3 399.00

Panasonic Digital Phone System Add-On Cards

KX-TD30870 Adds four analog ports to KX-TD308 99.00
KX-TD30891 DISA/Fax detection/Caller I.D. card for KX-TD308 189.00
KX-TD160 Door Phone Card; runs 2 Door Boxes/Openers 135.00
KX-TD170 8-Station Card for KX-TD816/1232 299.00
KX-TD171 8-Station Card w/caller ID 389.00
KX-TD180 4-CO Card for KX-TD816/1232 199.00
KX-TD185 4-Circuit DID Card for KX-TD816/1232 384.00
KX-TD191 2-Circuit DISA Card for KX-TD816/1232 659.00
KX-TD192 Connection Kit - Ties two KX-TD1232s together 259.00
KX-TD193 4 Ckt. Caller ID for KX-TD816-3/1232 225.00
KX-TD194 Message Waiting Lamp control for single-line; 16 stas 219.00
KX-TD197 28.8K Internal Modem for remote system programming 299.00
KX-TD284 Adds 4 ISDN Lines w/single-line tel. Support 735.00
KX-TD382 2-Line ISDN Card 727.00
KX-TD384 4-Line ISDN Card 990.00
KX-TD386 6-Line ISDN Card 1,289.00
KX-TD112 ISDN Clock Card: one per cabinet req'd w/ISDN 73.00

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