A Brief History of the Indiana Grand Chapter

Historical material supplied by Ann Warr , Indiana Grand Chapter Historian

The Grand lodge of Adoptive Rite began near 1866 as proven by its 1887 minutes of its 21st meeting. This Grand lodge was formed in Michigan , but was not a Grand Chapter as such and did not organize as a Grand Chapter until 1878.

A Grand Lodge of Adoptive Masonry was also formed at Elkhart , Indiana , on January 27, 1869 , (three years alter Michigan 's formation). So Michigan is considered the oldest Grand Jurisdiction. The second Indiana Grand meeting was held at Orland in October, 1869 but it did not meet again until May 6, 1874 , in Anderson . Ten subordinate Chapter's delegates were in attendance at Anderson and this is considered the ORGANIZATION DATE 0F INDIANA GRAND CHAPTER-- May 6, 1874

Past Most Worthy Grand Matrons (P.M.W.G.M.)


Past Most Worthy Grand Patrons (P.M.W.G.P.)

from Indiana

W. D. Engle , P.M.W.G.P.: born at Niles , MI , October 22, 1846 , died at Indianapolis , IN. Initiated at age 26, he would, 50 years later, organize G.G.C. He married Addie C. S. Bario , who was Worthy Grand Matron of the Grand Chapter of Connecticut in 1875-1877. She was born August 11, 1848 , in Connecticut and died June 27, 1926 . Mr. Engle was her second husband and a member of Mystic Tie Lodge. He served as W.G.P. of Indiana (1877-1878) and M.W.G.P. (1912).

Nettie Ransford , P .M. W.G.M.: born Antoinette Helen Campwell at Little Falls, NY, November 5, 1838 . She married William Ransford in 1858. She joined Queen Esther Chapter #3 in Indianapolis on June 13, 1872 , just two months after its organization. She was the W.G.M. of Indiana Grand Chapter in 1879, 1880 and 1883. She was M.W.G.M. (1889-1892) She was Grand Secretary of Indiana Grand Chapter for 34 years (1894-1928).

Abbie Hanson , P.M.W.G.M.: Born Abbie Bailey on February 2,1892 . She married Jacob Hanson October 30, 1915 . Served as W.G.M in 1929 and M.W.G.M from 1949 to 1952 with Franklin W. L. Miles , W.G.P.

Dr. Will Grow , P.M.W.G.P.: From Danville, IN, he was W.G.P. of Indiana in 1907 with Nellie Goodbar, W.G.M. He transferred membership to Missouri about 1913. M.W.G.P. during 1922-1925. His residence was at St. Joseph , Missouri when serving General Grand Chapter.

David J. Miller P.M.W.G.P.: W.G.P. of Indiana (1962) with Sara Scott , W.G.M. He was M.W.G.P. during 1982-1985. He was a resident of Elkhart , IN.

We ask ourselves, have we been courageous, compromising and willing to replace conflict with cooperation? And yes, we still continue to hear ourselves described as "old fashioned," "out-of-date," "just ritualistic" by some. It has been difficult to compete with an affluent, fast changing and moving society, but we admit we are old-fashioned and out-of-date if it means believing in God, showing fidelity, loyalty to others, if we are frugal, if we have faith and love in and for those with whom we are working. Ritualistic, yes, just as we live by God's Holy Word and his teachings.

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