My name is Elizabeth Lashley. Unlike the majority of you, I did not have the traditional background of being raised in a Masonic or Eastern Star home enviromnent. My father became a Mason in his later years and followed through with joining the Lynnville OES Chapter in District 1. He became very ill in the fall of 1996. Up until this time, I had no idea he was an Eastern Star member. It was at this time that he asked me to join "Eastern Star". Well, I had no idea as to what this meant. I can join a group, that should be no problem!! Right. ..

I had seen the Washington Masonic Lodge emblem a few times, so I knew where the building was located. Since I was not able to find the number in the phonebook, I drove down Main Street and checked it out. Walking to the window, I saw a marquee which

had: the time, second Tues of each month, and WM ~_, WP . Well, I thought

this was pretty cool; these folks have special initials with their names. They must be the leaders ..

On that second Tuesday of the following month, Elizabeth sat outside in her car ... ~ watching and waiting for people to arrive for this meeting. So, about 7:20 I entered the building and the first thing I saw was a sign that said "Members Only". That scared the begeebies out of me, actually ... made me curious, because this was only a group. As I approach the landing of the stairs I hear chattering, laughter, and sounds of friendly people. I get in there, they look at me ... I look at them and a lady approached me and said "Can we help you?" and I say "I am here to join your club". She told me two things­ first this was not a club, it is an organization ... a fraternal organization. I'm thinking "fraternal" ,doesn't that mean college? No offense, but you all don't look like college age party-goers! The second thing that I was told was that there were procedures and that I could not join that night.

So, in a timely manner the petition got filled out, investigation was done, and then there was the initiation.

I am not going to go into the details of my initiation for it was wonderful. But, in this program there will be an introduction into prepping the candidate and a new member guidebook which is to be presented by Brother Lonnie. I know these would have beenĀ· beneficial to me, being that I truly had no idea as to what to expect.

There are many aspects of Eastern Star. The camaraderie between people, lasting friendships, good moral foundations, and the good that the Order of the Eastern Star does for the community are things that people need to know. Misconceptions of this organization still exist. The general public does not know of the boundless and selfless qualities that the Order of the Eastern Star members display.

When I entered that building on that Tuesday night I had a visual presentation: People together, truly enjoying themselves- laughing and communicating; The night of my initiation the presentation was professional, placing in my mind a goal to learn what I can.


about this organization.

I would like to leave you with this ... You never can tell when you do an act Just what the results will be.

But with every deed, you were sowing a seed, And now its harvest you can see.